Central Police Agencies (e.g. FBI, BKA, Scotland Yard),  and Intelligence Services (e.g. Homeland Security Agencies) have to deal with a global threat. Multinational corporations also see themselves exposed to a variety of threats that put their executives, local staff and infrastructure at risk. In order to evaluate evidence of global complexity this 4INTEL forensic intelligence software is designed to assist specially trained investigators to dysect files, communication trails, financial transactions and manually gathered evidence patterns.


The complexity of decentralized evidence makes it very difficult for investigators and state attorneys to get a successful conviction. This is where 4INTEL comes to the rescue.

In open and covert investigations data is being collected and extracted. A massive set of documents need to be analyzed based on their content, meta data and digital fingerprints. The amount of dysected evidence trails makes it very time consuming to gather a forensic intelligence report that will make it easy for courts to evaluate the severity of the displayed evidence.

Documents and images contain a set of characteristics that can lead to the original source. Based on the extracted and matched data, a device can be located and the person who used this device to create the document can be identified.

Emails that are harvested from seized mail servers, local mailboxes and intelligence mail harvesters make it a difficult task to put this all together. The evidence must be dysected, fingerprints collected and matched to the reference database. This email fingerprint trail eventually leads to the mailbox owner and geolocation of the persons involved.

Where a group of dispersed criminals are engaging in digital or physical crimes, the evidence must be put together to highlight the command structure inside this criminal organisation. Where defamation, extortion, document manipulation and fake news come to the game, 4INTEL helps tackle this dangerous game.

The evidence will lead to an undeniable conviction. Data such as IP addresses, harvested emails, recovered backups, social media and seized devices and financial traffic (bank transfers, paypal, bitcoin, crypto currencies, money laundering) will become part of a puzzle that can be solved.


Identify geolocation

Identify devices

Identify software

Identify Servers

Identify involved persons

Secure evidence

Build rock solid report

Communication trailing

Command structure mapping

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