The examination of smartphones and tablets is often in the contect of civil or criminal court disputes. The communication app WeChat is predominantly used in Asia but is gaining ground also in western countries. Our certified forensic experts examine different types of platforms in order to help resolve disputes.


Our Senior Experts have the experience and qualifications to perform forensics analysis of devices in regards to WeChat App activities. The laboratory is compliant with ISO17025.

WeChat App is a system that stores its data in different ways depending on the device and operating system. Recent changes to the application structure data can be encrypted. Special approaches allow us to secure evidence and provide a reliable report for a court.

Some of our clients are people who have been accused of some wrong doing and want to pove their innocence by getting their devices inspected. Our clients come from Germany, EU  and as far as Turkey or Japan.

Other clients are government authorities (police, armed forces, customs, tax investigation) who have seized smartphones and tablets. They either need help to access the data due to a phone being locked or extremely damaged.  We can extract data even if a phone no longer works and has been run over by a car.

Our reports can be delivered for many countries as we are internationally certified experts and use a wide range of powerful forensic tools. Besides this, the make sure that data is safe and the chain of custody is well protected.


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