With the smartphones being the most popular smart device in the western countries one would think that a cell phone forensics is no longer needed. In fact cell phones are cheap to buy and can be used by people who do not want to surf or have social media on their phone.

This makes it very easy to criminals to buy a cell phone, use it for their coup and then dispose of them. Often these devices may cost 12-30 EUR (or 10-25 pounds or 11-32 USD). This the reason that many cases need might include a cell phone. These have a multitude of connections and versions.


Our laboratory has a reference device depot holding a wide range of cellphones (400+), smartphones (500+) and other flash based devices.
This allows us to find the optimal path to get the data out. Sometimes the extraction might take weeks or months, but where others give up, we continue until we reach the target.
We have successfully extracted data from such phones that were run over by heavy vehicles. We were got out data from a device that was hit at with a tool in order to destroy the evidence. Even cases damaged by salt water, river and bath water … blasts … fire …. eventually resulted in a successful extraction of data.
We get help requests from companies, auditors, manufacturers, security forces, military and even data recovery experts around the world.
We don’t give up on the first obstical. We continue till we succeed or the device is definately dead.


chipoff for cellphones

pcb examination

bypass pin code

Brute force pattern lock

Analyze usage of device

Find traces of fraud

Write expert witness report

Contest a 3rd party forensic report

Validate 3rd party forensic results

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