In many situations video recordings can have a vital influence on criminal investigations and court decisions. Manipulated videos from CCTV camera systems can be used for false accusations. At the same time in the civilian area of dispute parties can try to avoid prosecution by disrupting the chain of custody. Based on such misrepresentation an individual may deliver a dishonest affidavit.


Often CCTV cameras were not setup in a professional manner. The video quality is extemely bad or the person setting up the survaillance sytem did not check the clear path of visibility.

It is astonishing how many cameras are looking at an object obstructed by trees, leaves, road signs and other obstacles. This creates for the identification of activities or individual a sever problem. The careless setup of the surveillance equipment can result in a dismissal in court as the material is useless to prove guilt.

The challenge to identify an individual on a CCTV camera can even be huge obstacle if the camera had a dirty or scratched lense. Rain can interfere in the recording of events. This is where technology and expertise is required to make visual evidence usable for a court case. If a vehicle moves around the corner an identification mark can be leading to wrong reading as eyes can be mislead.


Bad CCTV Recording

Damaged Lenses

Damaged CCTV Storage

Deleted CCTV Videos

Fraudulent Activities

Indentify individuals

Identify number plates

Manipulated Videos

Court Expert Witness

International Court disputes

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