When 2 parties are of opposite opinion they sometimes see no other means than accusing each other of dishonest behavior. This eventually leads to a court dispute or even long term hatred. Sometimes this dispute is based on a misunderstanding that escalated into unreasonable behavior.


When crime occurs people do not automatically think of falsifying all documents. They eventually start adapting word files to support their prefered view of events.

This manipulation of evidence is done with the intent to mislead a court or even a contract partner. Sometimes clients try to force suppliers to sack an employ because they claim that the employee was dishonest. This is often a method to divert attention as the client has himself been conducting fraudulent activities and has feared that this particular employee may report to his superior the findings.

Hence, fraudsters go to a sever extent to manipulate files or even hire hackers to damage evidence stored on a opponents computer network.

This is a global issue. ACATO’s laboratory can deal with these cases as it uses state of the art tools and has developed its own set of forensic software. The local partners of ACATO can help the core investigation team when certain issues need local assistance.


File manipulation

Fraud investigation

data theft

corruption accusations

Manipulated docx files

Fraudulent Activities

Lost office files

Altered balance sheets

Contest a 3rd party forensic report

International Court disputes

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