The field of Computer forensics can extract and analyze evidence from digital devices. Our laboratory has a wide range of technical equipment and expertise for conducting a deep analysis of computer used by suspects. In accordance with the CFE certification, our fraud investigation experts have acquired a broad knowledge of the different ways corporate crime and fraud in the government occurs. We operate our examinations following the international standards of ACFE, ISO 27035-27042 and other accepted methodologies.


  • Consulting clients on how to best perform the forensic investigation
  • Document the computer network infrastructure
  • Identification of relevant people and filtering out the relevant time frames
  • Identification of relevant data sources and version whilst locating the systems holding this data
    • Mobile device forensics: mobile devices, Smartphones, cell phones, gps Navigation systems, SIM cards
    • Mail forensics: Mailbox files und Mail server
    • Database forensics: database server, database files (MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, dBase, XML, …)
    • Server forensics: file server, application server, …
    • Client forensics: Notebooks, NetBooks, Desktops, Workstations, Thinclients
    • Memory card forensics: SD, SDHC, SDXY, CF, microSD, xD, ufs cards, …
    • Flash device forensics: USB flash drives, USB Pen Drives, USB flash cards
    • Hard drive forensics: securing evidence out of hard drives, SSD and external hard drives
    • Optical Storage forensics: DVDs, CDs, etc.
    • Memory forensics: securing evidence out of current memory (RAM) or related temporary files (Pagefile)
    • Backup forensics:  Extracting data out of backup systems and devices (tapes, zip discs, …)
    • Cloud forensics: collecting evidence from online services (e.g. Dropbox, Facebook, …) or virtuall machines inside a Cloud Server
    • Netzwork forensics: Scanning, tracing and shadow copying of data communication to find attack related evidence
    • Forensic analysis of other IT Systems when needed (e.g. Copiers, Fax, Network printers, routers, CCTV, …)
    • App Forensics: investigating, finding traces and usage history relating to smartphone apps (ByLock, Eagle, Line,Signal, Telegraph, Threema, WhatsApp,WeChat, etc.)
  • Developing of emergency plans and backup concepts
  • Advising and assisting in creating lists of devices and systems that have to be provided for a fraud investigation
  • On request of courts and security services we can also conduct evidence location and securing to maintain chain of custody
  • IT forensic backups of relevant digital evidence
  • Evidence management: Documentation of the chain of custody related processes and steps
  • Providing forensic laboratory reports and Expert Analysis papers on forensic investigations

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