Digital Forensics Laboratory

ACATO is a german forensics laboratory for digital devices (e.g. hard drives, smartphones, ssd from blackboxes, network infrastructure) based in Munich (Bavaria, Germany).  The special equipment allows the certified forensics experts to go far beyond the abilities of general digital forensics.

Mobile Forensics

The extraction of evidence from smartphones is part of the process to understand what happened and who was involved.

eDiscovery for M&A

You can one make use of eDiscovery for a litigation based on suffered damages. If you are wanting to buy a company then you M&A proces will also need to look deep into the acquision target to spot hidden risks.

Negotiation Strategies

We can help you fight against an undesirable court expert report. There are a variety of strategies you can also use outside of a court where situations are more volatile.

eDiscovery and Negotiation Solutions

The eDiscovery process can extract a wide range of information for you. Nevertheless, you need to be aware of the complexity and costs associated with such a way of solving a dispute.

There is also an alternative way that helps negotiate a better result that is less costly and much more beneficial for you. This kind of negotiation strategy is not part of what a lawyer or mitigator would do.

Before one negotiates you need to get a wide understanding of the siuation and what options you have at hand. Become aware about the characteristcs of your opponent, that influence how you need to approach the critical situation.

Get more insights into how you can benefit from the expertise and technology that help you achieve your goals in court and negotiation.

We find, secure and analyse evidence.

You win your case with our expertise!

eDiscovery and Investigations are a matter of Trust

ACATO Digital Forensics Services

Explore the case studies behind the different services available to you world wide

Examples & Case Studies

Evidence hidden in an eMail Server

Corporations need to find the right evidence in message servers as they can significantly alter the outcome of a dispute.

Intellectual Property disputes

Are you being confronted by a claim of having infringed someones IP in regards to coding, pictures, content or patents? There are ways to avoid the pain of costly disputes.

Broken smartphone

You can not get hold of criminal evidence stored inside a broken Smartphone or cell phone? This is where Chip Off Expertise helps extract detailed evidence.

Identify members of a crime

You have information that your case involves several people who contributed to the crime or damages to your business? That is where being able to find connections between several individuals in order to prove their role in the case.

Fake accusations are not nice

Authorities and individuals sometimes resort to making up fake accusations. This can hurt a company or even an individual. You need to be able to respond to the accussations in a detailed manner that disqualifies all the clams of your opponent.

Industrial Espionage

Too many companies lose market share and their USP to compatitors using dirty tricks. You need to spot the spies and apply counter intelligence strategies so that they do not benefit from their illegal gatherings.

Video analysis and Investigations

Sometimes evidence is presented in courts as video surveillance material. The chain of custody is often broken and only needs to be highlighted in the correct way. It takes time to spot the ultimate winning arguments.

International Disputes

People go to court in many countries. Companies fight against defamation, fake claims and intentional sabotage. We have experience in a variety of jurisdicions (e.g. Canada, Germany, Sweden, Turkey, Austria).

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