In criminal cases often data extracted from cheap smartphones can lead to an innocent person being accused of having had access to pornography or illegal material. What many police investigators are not aware is that in 95% of cheap smartphones you will always find pornography which was there at the time the accused had not yet bought the device. That is why many of our clients successfully manage to get False Evidence excluded from court evidence. Our experts have been involved in such cases as subject matter experts in court in Canada, Germany, Sweden, Turkey and other jurisdictions in the EU.

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The way cheap phones are assembled results in new phones being equipped with chips the manufacturer bought from the open chip market. Here different qualities of chips are offered. Some of them come from recycled phones. The research into the cause of false positives has shown that this can be the case for not only cheap Chinese phones but also for the discounted models of leading manufacturers. These “dirty” phones are sold worldwide!

Hence, the risk of a phone being investigated in a criminal case (e.g. murder case, child pornography, phone theft, illegal use of stolen pictures) or civil case (e.g. divorce dispute) is high. The risk of false accusation is extremely high as the systems used for forensic analysis will find these illegal files even though they came from a different phone.



The situation can be very damaging for an accused person as until now most crime investigators and private detectives using the typical tool (cellebrite, MSAB, OxyGen) are not aware of the issues relating to recycled phone chips. As we have a large database and collection of different smartphones from around the world, we regularly conduct research in the field of forensics chipoff.

Most smartphones of the low and middle price range can contain recycled memory chips. These chips were from other old phones which were once filled with photos and other documents.

When analyzing the data from the former owner you can often find all sorts of images. Some may contain very private images and some are depicting many personal details (e.g. photographed ID card or income statement).

We work for companies and authorities in different situations where often the regular approach no longer helps overcome problematic issues (water damage, bent phones, crushed phones, burnt phones, locked phones).

Hence, we develop our own technology (RescueBase, Forensics Command Suite, CryptCleaner, Financial Investment Auditor) for conducting investigations.

Every case is different. You need a vast array of equipment and knowledge to successfully tackle such false evidence. This can even ninclude manipulated surveillance videos which we successfully have had excluded even from criminal court proceedings in Canada. When a lawyer is provided the necessary documentation he stands a good chance to get the court to disqualify the evidence.

Our experts are certified and trained by leading organizations. We use ISO9/ISI14144 compliant technology.