Our laboratory can analyze small to large mailboxes from Thunderbird to Exchange. When courts are not sure if the printed mails are valid evidence, our expert witnesses investigate and report in details. We look into a 360° perpective as a variety of factors can influence a digital document.


Therefore we perform a very deep examination of messages and servers. We do not belief in superficial reviews of evidence as this would be revoked at court as an analysis baised due to a myoptic vision.

Clients, lawyers and courts want certainty that they are not being unfairly treated. That is why our activities are conducted according to international standards (ISO27035-27042) and the code of ethics (ACFE, DEKRA Standards).

When providing support for government we are aware of compliance rules and standards (AQAP, ISO 9001). The Allied Quality Assurance Publications (NATO’s AQAP) are the military version of the civilian Quality Management Standards ISO9001.

In order to understand how messages are transmitted our experts have different qualifications and certifications. This includes the Microsoft Professional certification for Microsoft Exchange Server and the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer for Internet Security (MCSE+I) and the Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). We operate our own clean room (ISO 5/Class100) and conduct our investigations in compliance with ISO9001 and ISO 27035-27042. We are an organisation with staff audited by german authorities to ensure confidencial client data remains confidencial.

We provide forensic services for lawyers, companies and authorities around the world. Even forensics experts in America ask for help when they are having to solve issues (e.g. Ransomware, …).


Many companies and authorities conduct business activities using emails and text messages. This can lead to disputes about contracts and content of agreements.


Eventually a party might claim that an email presented as evidence has been falsified, manipulated or was never sent. A quick forensics test can result in a wrong report to court. Some times we then have to prove to a judge that the previously conducted investigation of a 3rd party delivered a misrepresenting view of the truth.

This when we conduct a deep examination of emails, mailbox files, mail servers and telecommunication systems. This has resulted in courts changing their point of view and dismissing superficial forensics results.

As our experts hold international certifications we can provide acceptable documentation that is understandable also by a jury that has little technical understanding of the complexity of information technology. This expertise can decide whether a jury will vote in favour of a falsely accused innocent person.

We use modern forensics equipment that can also deliver data collection compatible with the tools state and federal police have access to.

This includes forensics tools from market leaders: Cellebrite, AceLabs, Rusolut, Atola, WiebeTech, Guidance Software, Tableau, Vound, Amped, EDEC DF and ACATO.