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You have collected evidence or have found traces that indicate a possible crime? You are not sure how to continue and want to have the traces secured and evaluated in order to avoid false accusations against an employee or business partner?

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The objectives of a forensic analysis could be:

  • What did really happen?
  • How did it happen?
  •  What are the sources of the crime?
  • Is there a timeline of events?
  • Which systems and persons are involved?
  • What can be done to prevent future events of this type?


  • Analysis and evaluation of digital traces
  • Scanning through data and images with forensic techology
  • Identification of anomalies that lead to unusual activities that are part of a crime
  • Examination und interpretation of system and user related traces
  • Standard Analysis:
    • Operating System Forensic Analysis
    • last opened and used files
    • attached devices
    • file system forensic analysis
    • Analyzing Websites, data entry of web forms and other activities (Browser forensics)
    • Examination of log files (Log file forensics)
    • Forensic Examination of databases
    • Extraction and searching for evidence in online plattforms (Cloud forensics)
    • Research of possible configurations
    • Reconstrction of historical time lines and testing time stamps (including Meta data)
    • Examination of contents of deleted areas (Carving) and files
  • complex forensic work at a particular deep level, e.g.:
    • Checking differences in a variety of different Backups, i.e. data deleted by suspects
    • Identification of communication activity and relationships between multiple parties (e-Mail, Chat, SMS, virtuel friends, what’sapp, byLock, eagle, telegraph, signal, etc.):
    • Internet forensics, Chat forensics, social media Forensics , Mail forensics
    • Analysis of encripted data and files
    • Examination of time stamps, hash key, time lines which are claimed to have been falsified
    • Analysis of manipulated documentse-Mails, etc.
    • Extraction and examination of data from cell phones, smartphone und navigation systems with GPS data (Mobile device forensics)
    • Analysis of digital traces inside RAM and Pagefiles (fluent memory forensics)
    • Research into Malware attacks
  • Providing individual technical Reports on forensic examinations
  • IT Forensics expert analysis of traces in regards to case relevant data, timelines and other objects that lead to better understanding technical complexities that govern a crim

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