ACATO is a German forensics laboratory for digital devices (e.g. hard drives, smartphones, SSD from blackboxes, network infrastructure) based in Munich (Bavaria, Germany).  The special equipment allows the certified forensic experts to go far beyond the abilities of general digital forensics. 

The reputation of the experts goes beyond the county borders:

In 2015 our Chipoff Forensics expert, Christian Bartsch, presented at the Mobile Forensics Summit of the German Central Police (BKA Meckenheim) the newest methodologies for extracting evidence from severely damaged devices such as smartphones and aircraft black boxes. The closed-door event was attended by the best police forensics experts of Germany (80 from police, customs, tax, and homeland security), Austria (2x), Switzerland (3x Zürich) and United Kingdom (3x New Scotland Yard).

In May 2016 our expert was again recommended by the german authority for Security in the information technology (BSI): In Aachen the presentation at the University of applied science attracted police forensics from Germany (LKA NRW, customs, tax investigators) and neigbouring countries (Belguim Police, Police Academy of Netherlands). Also experts from leading audit firms (i.e. E&Y, KPMG, GrantThornton, PwC) came the long way to listen to the newest infos on chipoff forensics which also included different aspects based on newest research.


Fraud Investigations

Chipoff Forensics

Forensic App Research

Unlocking of devices

Decrypting of devices

Anti Ransomware Tools

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Court Expert Witness

Video and Photo forensics

Suspect identification

Data Recovery

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